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Our Valves are suitable for high temperature, high pressure, abrasive, corrosive and/or scale forming media.

We Can Help to:

  • Minimize Downtime
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Simplify Repair Procedures

  • Slurry Valves

    Slurry Valves

    • Angle Valve
    • Ceramic Lined Ball Valve
    • Ceramic Lined Butterfly Valve
    • Plug Valve
  • Oil and Gas

    Specialty Valves for
    Oil & Gas

    • Ball Valve
    • Gate, Globe & Diaphragm Valves
    • Swing Check Valve
    • Cover-Up Isolation Valve
  • Titanium Valves

    Titanium Valves

    • O-Port Valves
    • Gate, Globe & Diaphragm Valves
  • Pulp and Paper Valves

    Pulp and Paper Valves

    • The Icon-O-Port Valve is suitable
      for corrosive and/or abrasive media
    • The Icon-O-Port Valve can replace
      standard non-performing ball valves
  • Isolaction Blinds

    Isolation Blinds

    • Quick, Safe and Simple Operation
    • Absolute Shut-Off with zero leakage
    • Highly visible and audible Open...
    • No spreading of pipeline to facilitate...
  • Duplex Valves

    Duplex Valves

    • O-Port Valves
    • Gate, Globe & Diaphragm Valves

Welcome to Icon Valves - Proven world-class solutions
with industry leading expertise & service

Icon Valve Group supplies an extensive range of specialized valving that provides our customers with cost effective solutions to their most arduous service conditions. "Total Cost of Ownership" is significantly improved through our innovative designs and advanced materials. Icon valves incorporate advanced ceramics, tungsten carbide, titanium, super duplex and a large range of other speciality materials into our valve designs.